[Fix] Facebook Marketplace Messages Not Showing on Messenger 2023

Are your Facebook Marketplace messages not showing on Messenger?

If so, you won’t be able to chat with the buyer or seller.

Facebook Marketplace is one of the biggest places where users from all around the world buy/sell items. They can search for different items in their area or from around the world. 

Businesses can display their inventory for retail items, vehicles, home rentals, and more.

And they use messenger to contact buyers and sellers. But sometimes they are not able to chat with others because the Facebook Marketplace Messages don’t show up on messenger.

In this guide, you will learn How to fix Facebook Marketplace Messages Not Showing up on messenger.

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Why can’t I see messages from Marketplace on Messenger?

There could be several reasons why you are unable to see messages from the Facebook Marketplace on Messenger.

In some cases, you might have accidentally archived your chat after you’ve marked your specific item as sold.

Or it could be due to a specific messenger bug. Also, Facebook keeps on upgrading their platform and marketplace so it could be due to an update going on. 

Moreover, for some users the chat section has been moved to “Chats” under “Marketplace” so they might not be able to access it openly on messenger. 

Some users can access the Marketplace chats by tapping on their profile picture and then Marketplace. 

If you are unable to access marketplace messages, it could be because Facebook Marketplace is not available in your region.

You might have ignored the chat from the person that you are trying to contact. It will only show up once the person sends you a message again.

One of the major reasons why you couldn’t access your marketplace messages is because of an old version of messenger app. 

How to fix Facebook Marketplace messages not showing on Messenger

In order to fix Facebook Marketplace Messages not showing on messenger, try to allow others on Facebook to message you, check your archived chats, or uninstall and reinstall Messenger.

If these things fails, you will need to use the Facebook app to check your Marketplace messages instead of Messenger.

If you have recently updated your messenger app, then it might be that marketplace chats have moved and you will find it in the “Chats” or the “Menu” under the “Marketplace” section. 

In some cases, Due to new updates going on it might be that the Facebook messenger is down. So you will need to check the status on Downdetector

You can check if there’s a huge spike in the graph, it means that Messenger is most likely down at the moment and you need to wait for a few hours for it to be back up.

Fix 1: Allow Messages Requests 

You might have turned off messages requests that will result in people being unable to message you on messenger.

  1. Open Facebook Messenger.
  2. In the left menu, Tap on your profile picture.
  3. Search for Privacy & safety.
  4. Select Message Delivery .
  5. Click Others on Facebook and Select “Message Requests”.
  6. Force exit Messenger and reopen it.

Note: This will allow other people on Facebook to message you on messenger.

Fix 2: Update The Facebook Messenger App

Check if you are running an old version of the Facebook app and you might need to update it. 

  1. Tap and hold the Messenger app and delete it.
  2. Open App Store or Google Play Store.
  3. Search Facebook Messenger and Tap on Messenger to open it.
  4. Click the install button next to the app icon.
  5. Done you successfully installed the latest version of the app.

Note: Reinstalling Messenger will log you out of all accounts (so you’ll have to log in again), but don’t worry all of your chats will be saved as they are stored in Facebook’s database.

Fix 3: Check Archived Chats

  1. Open Facebook Messenger.
  2. Tap on your profile picture.
  3. Select “Archived chats”.
  4. Find your Facebook Marketplace chat here.

Note: You might have accidentally archived a Marketplace chat after you have marked an item sold so you need to check it through your archived chats in the messenger.

Fix 4: Use the Facebook app instead

You can also access marketplace chats from your Facebook app if your messenger is not working. 

  1. Open the Facebook app
  2. Click the hamburger icon to see the menu.
  3. Select “Marketplace”.
  4. Select “Selling” or “Buying” (depending on the chat that you want to access).
  5. Open chat that you want to see.

Note: If you can’t access your Marketplace messages on Messenger, you have to access them on the Facebook app instead.

Hopefully you would have been able to fix your Facebook marketplace messenger not showing on messenger issue. If you still have any doubts to clear, please leave us a comment down below and we will be happy to help you. Moreover, you can read more about Facebook solutions on our page. 

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