How to build good cooperation with software development company?

software development company: A new application or website is something your company needs to evolve. First, consider whether creating an in-house team or hiring professionals is better for your business. You decided on the second option, but then some concerns arose. So how do you find the right software development partner to be satisfied with successful cooperation?

Software development outsourcing

Most companies outsource their projects rather than create a new team from scratch. It helps them to save money and time. Why? Because they don’t have to hire new people and create an in-house team. There is no additional equipment and space needed. Moreover, they can’t be sure that someone new will stay for the whole project delivery period. And also time spent on verifying competencies is costly.

So choosing a software development partner as a service provider lets not only focus on business but also gain an expert who will share knowledge and experience during collaboration. However, if you have little experience with that kind of cooperation with usually a remote team, what should you focus on to understand your software development partner?

There are a few factors that may impact your project’s success and help you to make a good business decisions. It’s also important to be aware of common pitfalls in software development outsourcing, which you can read about here.

A successful collaboration with a software development partner

Communication in the team

Building a good software development partnership is essential during the project implementation process. Communication between teams should be transparent and individual. Every partner and project has different circumstances.

Open communication gives a full understanding of the current situation and allows you to solve problems faster. Sometimes customers and software development companies look from different perspectives. That’s why open communication is such an important aspect of their collaboration.

Discuss expectations and needs of the collaboration

Effective communication. It is vital for your good cooperation from the very beginning. You must focus on setting clear expectations and needs. Ask yourself some questions that will help you create the vision of your dream collaboration with a trusted partner.

  • Why did you decide to outsource your project to a software developers
  • How do you like working with your partners?
  • What is this project for, and what are your business goals in this specific project?
  • What are the timelines and deadlines for the project?
  • What are my communication preferences and expectations?
  • What is my budget for this outsourcing partnership? When your expectations and needs are clear, it will be easier to discuss them with your software development partners. In addition, it helps you to set the rules of collaboration and avoid later misunderstandings.

Discuss roles in the team

Dedicated team size depends on the size of the venture. And the more people work on the project, the more critical it is to establish roles in the dedicated software development team. It will facilitate project management. It applies to both a customer and an outsourced software development company. They need to define:

  • Who will be responsible for communication in the team
  • Who will take care of the project management
  • Who will focus on product development. Examples of people that might be essential in your software development teams during collaboration.

Project manager

A project manager is a particular person responsible for the project management at each stage of development. They take care of the project budget and ensure everyone in the team keeps the plan. In addition, project managers are liaisons between a customer and a software development company.

Software developers

Software developers take care of the product development process. A software development agency knows its people and their skills, so they will understand what development team assign to your project. As we mentioned, the team size depends on the collaboration and project requirements. Other software development teams members may also be needed.

You’ll need to include more specialists like UX/UI or testers. But fortunately, you don’t need to know that because good software development partner will advise you on that.

Set the tools and forms of communication

A successful customer and IT company partnership need the right tools. It helps you achieve organized collaboration and good communication in the team. Many applications and websites support different types of projects. Your software development partner likely has a tried toolset they use with customers during collaboration so that they can offer you the right platforms. Choose the one that suits you and your software development partner. Initially, this may seem cumbersome if your project requires several tools. But ultimately, learning to work with them can make collaboration and communication much easier and faster. Good advice is to try to limit the number of tools, since it reduces time overhead in switching between them, as well as utilizes data in a better way.

Create a plan for your IT project

You already set expectations and needs, the project team was chosen, and they are ready to work. So, it is time to start using established tools and assigning tasks. Customer engagement is essential because it improves teamwork. You can avoid downtimes when feedback comes systematically, and others will be able to work effectively.

All tasks set in the schedule should be timed and have an assigned person. It’ll allow you to estimate how long each stage of work on the project will take. As a result, this will be cost-effective for you. An adequately prepared plan and good communication between sides are critical to a successful software development partnership.

Be prepared for time zone difference related to remote work

Many software houses cooperate with clients from all over the world. However, a certain difficulty in this type of cooperation may be time zone differences between remote teams.

Therefore, if you decide on a software development outsourcing from abroad, remember to discuss this issue. A good solution may be to set 2-3 hours a day where your working hours will overlap. This will allow you to discuss current issues and solve possible problems.

Evaluate the software development partnership

At the end of the project, it is essential to evaluate the cooperation. Constructive feedback is vital at any work. A summary meeting should show what was good during each level of the software development partnership and what might need improvements. Try to make it very detailed and focus on different aspects:

  • How the team was working,
  • Evaluate communication with the software house
  • Discuss the result and its expectations for business. Constructive feedback is always helpful for both sides because they can draw conclusions and make something better in their following projects. Do you need a software development partnership?


What is the importance of communication in a successful software development partnership?
Effective communication ensures transparency and helps in solving problems faster, maintaining a good partnership throughout the project.

How can expectations and needs be aligned for a successful software development collaboration?
Setting clear expectations and understanding the business goals, timelines, communication preferences, and budget are crucial for aligning both parties’ needs.

What roles are essential in a dedicated software development team?
Key roles include project managers responsible for budget and planning, and software developers focused on product development.

How do tools and forms of communication impact the collaboration with a software development company?
The right tools enhance organized collaboration and communication, making the process more efficient and manageable.

What steps should be taken to create a plan for an IT project?
Set clear expectations, select a dedicated team, utilize established tools, and assign tasks to ensure systematic progress and effective teamwork.

How should time zone differences be managed in remote software development projects?
Establish a common time frame for working hours to discuss current issues and solve problems effectively.

How can the partnership with a software development company be evaluated?
Conduct a detailed evaluation of team performance, communication, and the final product to identify areas of improvement for future projects.

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