10 Best Small Business Ideas in Chennai

Are you thinking of starting a small business in Chennai? That’s awesome! Chennai is a big city with lots of opportunities. Whether you’re experienced or just starting out, there are plenty of good options.

In this article, we’ll talk about the “10 Best Small Business Ideas in Chennai” that fit well with the city’s needs. From helpful services to unique products, we’ll explore different business ideas that could work for you. Whether you’re interested in technology, hospitality, or creative services, we’ve got ideas to inspire and guide you on your business journey. Let’s take a look at some exciting small business opportunities waiting for you in Chennai!

10 Small Business Ideas in Chennai

1. Home Delivery Business

Home Delivery Business Idea

Chennai has a large elderly population and many people who move there for work. This creates a demand for freshly prepared home-cooked food. Starting a home delivery business can be a good idea for someone looking for a low-investment business in Chennai.

  • Investment: ₹4 Lakhs – ₹7 Lakhs.
  • Resources: Licence, raw materials, containers, packaging materials, kitchen equipment, reliable staff, office space/store, etc.
  • Market Demand: The Indian home delivery segment is expected to grow by 33% from 2023-2028.
  • Profit Margin: ₹1.25 Lakhs – ₹2 Lakhs per month

2. Travel Agency

Travel Agency Business Ideas

Chennai is a beautiful city with a rich culture and scenic beauty that attracts many visitors. If you are looking for small business ideas in Chennai, starting a travel agency can be a good option.

  • Investment: ₹3 Lakhs.
  • Resources: You’ll need a license, office space/store, computers, printing machines, fax machines, reliable staff, and other resources.
  • Market Demand: The tourism business in India is one of the most profitable sectors, with a market value of around ₹15 lakh crore. It is expected to grow by 13.47% by 2027.
  • Profit Margin: You can expect 10% – 15%.

3. Bharatanatyam Classes

Bharatanatyam Classes

Bharatanatyam, a popular dance tradition that originated in Tamil Nadu, attracts people who cherish their cultural roots and artistic expressions. Skilled Bharatnatyam artists have a chance to turn their passion into a thriving business. This concept presents an attractive entrepreneurial opportunity for ambitious business owners in Chennai who want to combine their love for this traditional dance form with a profitable venture.

  • Investment: Minimum ₹5 Lakhs.
  • Resources: Space, music system, trained and professional staff, social media handle, etc.
  • Market Demand: The performing arts market in India is expected to reach ₹57 thousand crores by 2027.
  • Profit Margin: Up to 40%.

4. South Indian Food Cafe

South Indian Food Cafe Business Idea In Chennai

South Indian cuisine offers a delightful mix of dishes that truly satisfy the taste buds. Every dish of South India is not only delicious but is also full of nutritious elements. This is why South Indian Cafe is considered one of the top-notch small businesses in Chennai.

  • Investment: Up to ₹20 Lakhs.
  • Resources: FSSAI Licence, raw materials, packaging materials, trained staff, store, machinery, etc.
  • Market Demand: The Indian food service market is estimated to witness a growth of CAGR 11.19%. As per the NRAI report 2019, Hyderabad and Chennai cumulatively contribute a market value worth ₹ 9266 crores in the food service market.
  • Profit Margin:  2.5% – 85%.

5. Yoga Training Centre

Yoga Training Centre

Especially with the challenges posed by Covid, staying fit has become a priority for many people. However, not everyone opts for high-intensity gym workouts to achieve their fitness goals. In Chennai, it is possible to start a small investment business by providing yoga classes to health conscious individuals. This can be a rewarding venture, allowing the individual to earn a good income while promoting a healthy lifestyle.

  • Investment: ₹5 Lakhs – ₹1 Crore.
  • Resources: Licence, store/space, trained staff, blankets, mats, active social media handles, etc.
  • Market Demand: The current value of the Indian health and wellness market is over ₹490 billion.
  • Profit Margin: 15% – 25%.

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6. Chocolate Making Business

Chocolate Making Business

Chennai is a seaside city that sells a lot of seafood. Many people in the city love fresh seafood, so there is a great need for it. This means that a lot of money can be made by starting a seafood business there as there are a variety of sea fish available to sell.

  • Investment: ₹ 30000 – ₹1 Lakh.
  • Resource: Licence, storage space, preservatives, office space, seafood from reliable sources, etc.
  • Market Demand: Chennai produced 807 Tonnes of fish in 2022, and the Indian fish market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 8.81% from 2023-2028.
  • Profit Margin: Up to 75%.

7. Handicraft Business

Handicraft Business

Chocolate has always been in demand among every age group and its popularity will never diminish. People who are skilled in making different types of delicious chocolates can easily monetize their talent by starting a chocolate business in Chennai.

  • Investment: ₹ 4 – ₹ 6 Lakhs.
  • Resources: Licence, bulk supply of cocoa powder, dairy products, sweeteners, packaging material, engaging website, social media handles, distributors, etc.
  • Market Demand: The chocolate market in India is expected to grow at a CAGR of 8.8% from 2023-2028.
  • Profit Margin: 8% – 10%.

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8. Candle Making Business

Candle Making Business

Candles have been widely used for religious purposes in India. Candle making business can be one of the most viable options for individuals who are looking for small scale business ideas in Chennai.

  • Investment: ₹ 25000 -₹2.5 Lakhs.
  • Resources: Licence, wax, glue, packaging materials, colours, website, social media handles, storage space, office space/store, trained staff, etc.
  • Market Demand: The candle-making business is expected to register a CAGR of 4.81% from 2023-2027.
  • Profit Margin: 30% – 45%.

9. Fruit Juice Kiosk

In a busy metropolis like Chennai, fruit juice kiosks are in high demand and can be a highly profitable business. Moreover, Chennai is one of the leading producers of fruits and offers a golden opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs.

  • Investment: ₹10 Lakhs – ₹20 Lakhs.
  • Resource: Office space/store, fruits from reliable sources, fruit cutting machines, glasses and containers, juice makers, chairs and tables, reliable staff, etc.
  • Market Demand: The fruit juice industry in India has a market value worth ₹193 Crores.
  • Profit Margin: 15% – 20%.

10. Disposable Plates & Cups Business

Disposable Plates & Cups Business

The present generation actively participates in environmental protection. People in urban areas are gradually adopting eco-friendly products for their environmental benefits. Interested entrepreneurs can take advantage of this opportunity by starting a disposable plates and cups business.

  • Investment: ₹ 8 – ₹ 10 Lakhs.
  • Resources: Licence, raw materials, machinery, equipment, storage space, office space/store, distributors, etc.
  • Market Demand: The disposable paper cup business in India is estimated to exhibit a CAGR of 2.87% from 2021-2026.
  • Profit Margin: Up to 39%.


Consider low-cost ventures like a small-scale service business, online consultancy, or a niche product retail business. Focus on minimizing initial expenses and gradually scale up as profits increase.

Businesses related to food, education, and healthcare tend to do well in Chennai. Consider starting a restaurant, tutoring service, or a healthcare-related venture with careful market research.

While no business guarantees 100% profitability, offering Bharatanatyam classes in Chennai with Rs 5 Lakhs investment can tap into the city’s cultural demand for performing arts.

Yes, it is possible to start a South Indian food cafe business in Chennai with Rs 15 lakhs. Capitalize on the city’s food culture while ensuring FSSAI compliance and resource management.

Service-oriented businesses like consultancy, freelancing, or a small local service can be relatively easy to start in Chennai. Choose a field where you have expertise and can cater to local demands efficiently.


These low investment business ideas in Chennai have great potential. Implement effective marketing strategies to turn your entrepreneurial dreams into reality.

The above mentioned small business ideas in Chennai can be highly profitable if proper marketing strategies are implemented. These businesses involve minimal investment and help budding entrepreneurs realize their dreams.

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