"The Good Nurse" is a crime drama that holds its own as it unravels its mystery and often impresses with the performances of its protagonists.

Although it follows the true story of America's most prolific serial killer,

"The Good Nurse" is still worth watching for the effort it puts into presenting a crime story from a different angle, and because it makes an important safety observation.

'The Good Nurse' Ending Explained: What Happens to Charles Cullen?

Ever since Amy heard about Charles and began to believe him for who he was, she felt extremely nervous about the man for obvious reasons.

But she had to keep up the pretense of friendship with Charles because she was in a vulnerable place, especially since he was also close to her daughters and visited them regularly.

Even on the day Charles is kicked out of the hospital, he visits Amy's house while she is not there, and she is horrified to see him alone with his daughters.

Amy still keeps her concerns to herself and helps the investigators by trying to get Charles to confess to his crimes.

This doesn't work and the man quickly gets a job at another hospital.

Realizing that this is too dangerous, the investigators arrest Charles, but they also still fear that he will have to be released if there is no confession within forty-eight hours.

Charles Cullen denies having to say anything about his actions and acts rather frantic as he repeatedly shouts that he can't say anything.

Finally, Amy decides to help again and now visits Charles at the police station and comforts him with kind words.

This works great as Charles seems ready to talk, and when Amy asks him why he committed the acts, the man admits that he has killed many patients, but also says that he didn't know why he did it.

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