secrets inside an Apple’s event

Apple's next event is just around the corner, and die-hard fans have been looking for the latest invite to see what new products and features might be on the cards.

One of the most obvious clues is the permanent color blobs on the invitations. event with colorful circle-like polka dots sprinkled across the background of the invitation.


The first invitations were often accompanied by images of products or the date of events. But later years were more vicious. Take, for example, See you on the 7th" for the September 2016


It's certainly not as common as the other categories, but my personal favorite is that one great example can be seen in the iPhone 5C invite above.


Second only to the main images is the invitation text, where Apple often references new features and products or simply enjoys a bit of wordplay.


The AR invitation showed the Apple logo opening up like a laptop and streaming colors from the actual display, a nod to the widely rumored new M1 series.


Some hint at bigger features like 5G connectivity, while others only hint at new wallpapers.


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